Ruggles, Charles (1886)

Charles Ruggles
  • Role: Herec
  • Datum narození: 8. února 1886
  • Datum úmrtí: 23. prosince 1970
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Filmografie Charles Ruggles

Film Rok Role
Carousel Carousel 1967 Herec, Herec
The Ugly Dachshund The Ugly Dachshund 1966 Herec
Follow Me, Boys! Follow Me, Boys! 1966 Herec
Son of Flubber Son of Flubber 1963 Herec, Herec, Herec
Papa's Delicate Condition Papa's Delicate Condition 1963 Herec
Past na rodiče Past na rodiče 1961 Herec
The Pleasure of His Company The Pleasure of His Company 1961 Herec
All in a Night's Work All in a Night's Work 1961 Herec
Eloise Eloise 1956 Herec
Ben and Me Ben and Me 1953 Herec
Look for the Silver Lining Look for the Silver Lining 1949 Herec
The Lovable Cheat The Lovable Cheat 1949 Herec
Give My Regards to Broadway Give My Regards to Broadway 1948 Herec
It Happened on Fifth Avenue It Happened on Fifth Avenue 1947 Herec
Ramrod Ramrod 1947 Herec
The Perfect Marriage The Perfect Marriage 1947 Herec
A Stolen Life A Stolen Life 1946 Herec
Gallant Journey Gallant Journey 1946 Herec
Bedside Manner Bedside Manner 1945 Herec
Incendiary Blonde Incendiary Blonde 1945 Herec
The Doughgirls The Doughgirls 1944 Herec
The Shining Future The Shining Future 1944 Herec
Our Hearts Were Young and Gay Our Hearts Were Young and Gay 1944 Herec
3 Is a Family 3 Is a Family 1944 Herec
Dixie Dugan Dixie Dugan 1943 Herec
Friendly Enemies Friendly Enemies 1942 Herec
The Perfect Snob The Perfect Snob 1941 Herec
Honeymoon for Three Honeymoon for Three 1941 Herec
The Parson of Panamint The Parson of Panamint 1941 Herec
Go West, Young Lady Go West, Young Lady 1941 Herec
Model Wife Model Wife 1941 Herec
Neviditelná žena Neviditelná žena 1940 Herec
Opened by Mistake Opened by Mistake 1940 Herec
No Time for Comedy No Time for Comedy 1940 Herec
Public Deb No. 1 Public Deb No. 1 1940 Herec
The Farmer's Daughter The Farmer's Daughter 1940 Herec
Maryland Maryland 1940 Herec
Balalaika Balalaika 1939 Herec
Night Work Night Work 1939 Herec
Boy Trouble Boy Trouble 1939 Herec
Sudden Money Sudden Money 1939 Herec
Invitation to Happiness Invitation to Happiness 1939 Herec
Service de Luxe Service de Luxe 1938 Herec
Screen Snapshots Series 17, No. 12 Screen Snapshots Series 17, No. 12 1938 Herec
His Exciting Night His Exciting Night 1938 Herec
Leopardí žena Leopardí žena 1938 Herec
Breaking the Ice Breaking the Ice 1938 Herec
Hollywood Handicap Hollywood Handicap 1938 Herec
Exclusive Exclusive 1937 Herec
Turn Off the Moon Turn Off the Moon 1937 Herec
Mind Your Own Business Mind Your Own Business 1936 Herec
Yours for the Asking Yours for the Asking 1936 Herec
Early to Bed Early to Bed 1936 Herec
Wives Never Know Wives Never Know 1936 Herec
Anything Goes Anything Goes 1936 Herec
Hearts Divided Hearts Divided 1936 Herec
The Preview Murder Mystery The Preview Murder Mystery 1936 Herec
Hollywood Boulevard Hollywood Boulevard 1936 Herec
People Will Talk People Will Talk 1935 Herec
Ruggles of Red Gap Ruggles of Red Gap 1935 Herec
The Big Broadcast of 1936 The Big Broadcast of 1936 1935 Herec
No More Ladies No More Ladies 1935 Herec
Murder in the Private Car Murder in the Private Car 1934 Herec
Melody in Spring Melody in Spring 1934 Herec
Friends of Mr. Sweeney Friends of Mr. Sweeney 1934 Herec
Six of a Kind Six of a Kind 1934 Herec
The Pursuit of Happiness The Pursuit of Happiness 1934 Herec
Murders in the Zoo Murders in the Zoo 1933 Herec
Mama Loves Papa Mama Loves Papa 1933 Herec
Melody Cruise Melody Cruise 1933 Herec
Girl without a Room Girl without a Room 1933 Herec
Terror Aboard Terror Aboard 1933 Herec
Alice in Wonderland Alice in Wonderland 1933 Herec
Good-bye Love Good-bye Love 1933 Herec
One Hour with You One Hour with You 1932 Herec
The Night of June 13 The Night of June 13 1932 Herec
70,000 Witnesses 70,000 Witnesses 1932 Herec
Love Me Tonight Love Me Tonight 1932 Herec
Trouble in Paradise Trouble in Paradise 1932 Herec
This Is the Night This Is the Night 1932 Herec
Make Me a Star Make Me a Star 1932 Herec
Evenings for Sale Evenings for Sale 1932 Herec
If I Had a Million If I Had a Million 1932 Herec
This Reckless Age This Reckless Age 1932 Herec
Madame Butterfly Madame Butterfly 1932 Herec
The Beloved Bachelor The Beloved Bachelor 1931 Herec
Husband's Holiday Husband's Holiday 1931 Herec
The Girl Habit The Girl Habit 1931 Herec
The Smiling Lieutenant The Smiling Lieutenant 1931 Herec
Honor Among Lovers Honor Among Lovers 1931 Herec
The House That Shadows Built The House That Shadows Built 1931 Herec
Young Man of Manhattan Young Man of Manhattan 1930 Herec
Roadhouse Nights Roadhouse Nights 1930 Herec
Queen High Queen High 1930 Herec
Gentlemen of the Press Gentlemen of the Press 1929 Herec
The Lady Lies The Lady Lies 1929 Herec
The Battle of Paris The Battle of Paris 1929 Herec
The Heart Raider The Heart Raider 1923 Herec
The Reform Candidate The Reform Candidate 1915 Herec
The Majesty of the Law The Majesty of the Law 1915 Herec
Peer Gynt Peer Gynt 1915 Herec