What is AI? (2024)

2024  |  Literatura pro děti a mládež - naučná  | 
What is AI?
  • Žánr: Literatura pro děti a mládež - naučná
  • Autor: Neal Layton
Jazyk: en

An easy-to-understand picture book explaining AI to young readers, whilst celebrating how amazing human brains really are! Everyone is talking about artificial intelligence - and we all have LOTS of questions. What exactly is it? Why is it such a big deal? Are there any risks? And how is it going to transform our lives? Award-winning author-illustrator Neal Layton is here to explain all there is to know about AI, from the early computers that could only solve sums to the AI programs of today that can recognise human speech and recommend TV shows - and what AI might be able to do in the future. Along the way, readers will learn just how incredible their human brains really are, and what intelligence is all about. This entertaining non-fiction picture book, illustrated in Neal Layton's trademark zany collage style, is perfect for readers aged 6+ who are always asking HOW something works, and for parents wanting to help their kids make sense of a subject that everyone is talking about.

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Literatura pro děti a mládež - naučná